What does a Daytime Host do? I hear you ask….

What does a Daytime Host do?

They are traditionally there to introduce everything. This is a job normally tasked to a nominated member of the wedding party or a Toastmaster and can either be very casual & unrehearsed or very formal.  I fit neatly in between the two. I am there to hold the hands of the happy couple (metaphorically speaking) throughout the Wedding Reception by announcing them into the room, as well as introducing speeches and other formalities. I provide a far more unique and personalised approach and love to include a FUN element into the proceedings if required of course. 

Guest interaction can completely change the atmosphere of a Wedding Breakfast. Often couples are worried that their friends and family may become bored by a lengthy sit-down meal and long speeches. This is easily remedied with some very simple games, they really do add a whole new dimension to everything. My aim is to create many memorable moments for your photographer and or videographer to capture.

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A few years back I introduced a couple into their Wedding Reception with a ‘Serviette Wave’. This is a very traditional welcome where the guests stand, cheer, and circle opened napkins above their heads. The wedding manager had never seen it done before (which surprised me). To this day my services are personally recommended by the venue, as a result. I am truly grateful for their continued support.

Daytime Host

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The Mr & Mrs / Wedding Shoe Game is often staged in the evening but it can also be hosted during the meal by simply turning the couples chairs on the top table. I have even played it in the middle of a field.

Pearls Of Wisdom / Living Guest Book gives seated guests an opportunity, whilst eating, to offer their recommendations for a long and happy marriage. Often with hilarious results.

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A Wedding Speech Lotto can provide some very unexpected moments, particularly when Aunt Maud gets a ‘FULL HOUSE’

The Speeches Sweepstake is huge fun!

The list of options are endless and many years of training and mentoring by the very best in the industry has provided me with new ways of doing things. As with all of my services, nothing is included without the happy couples agreement and a face to face meeting prior to the day allows us to chat beforehand so that everything is exactly how you would like it to be.

Daytime hosting can be included with my evening DJ services so that I am on hand from the start right through until the very end of your day or alternatively I am more than happy just to act as your host during the daytime before slipping away as your evening festivities start.

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