Music – Is There Any Replacement For Experience? You Decide

Music – Is There Any Replacement For Experience? You Decide


Music – Is There Any Replacement For Experience? You Decide

A bride will worry about many things when planning a wedding. When it comes to the evening entertainment her number one fear is that her dance floor will be empty and none of the guests will be enjoying themselves.


A dance floor at a wedding will always vary as people do not dance all night long, the buffet may stop things in their tracks and often guests will just require a little ‘dutch courage’ or persuasion to get onto the dance floor.


There are hundreds of thousands of DJ’s across the world ranging from teenagers to those that are retired. Weddings are about playing the music you want to hear, the music that you know your guests will dance to. Blended together with other styles and genres in a seamless journey throughout the night. Does your DJ only play the music he / she wants to hear?  Do they know what your children are asking for when they talk about ‘Whip/Nae Nae’ or ‘Lean & Dabb’? If your guests are in their late 40’s & 50’s and it’s your second wedding. Will they know what to play when you ask; “What was the name of that track D Train recorded in the mid eighties and what was that Blue (Da Ba De) track from the nineties that was in a TV commercial?” A professional DJ will know the answers………..


Make sure you interview your DJ, make sure he /she is on your wavelength and understands the music you want to hear. Check that they can they play an assortment of tracks from the decades with complete knowledge, rather than just winging it.


A professional DJ will refuse your booking if he/she does not feel that they can do your party justice. They won’t do it just because it’s money in their pocket. A professional DJ will care about the success of your party, as much as you do. It is everything to them and they will want to ensure you have a day full of great memories, and one that is remembered for years to come.


Whether you are paying £150 or £850 for your DJ entertainment. The evening disco is THE part of the day that everyone will remember and a professional will use every tool and trick that experience brings to ensure it is a party to end all parties.


Can you afford not to get the right DJ for you?


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