How a Wedding DJ Works a Room at Weddings

How a Wedding DJ Works a Room at Weddings

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Having DJ’d at weddings for over 30 years, we know a thing or two about working a room, and leaving a lasting impression! For us, creating lasting memories and getting positive reviews has helped our business grow from strength to strength. To give a little insight into how we’ve managed to work rooms and create numerous special days for three decades, here are some snippets about us.

Our Favourite Part of the Wedding?

 You might think we have one specific favourite part of a wedding, but we actually love all of it. From the initial coffee and chat over what the couple would like, watching the bride’s eyes light up when thinking about her wedding day, all the way through until the very end of the night when you know memories have been made, feet are tired and dancing has been done. When the bride thanks you for the evening with the words “It was everything I had hoped for and much more”. From start to finish, we love it all, and we especially love happy brides and grooms.

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 Our Secrets to Get People Dancing

Guests are at a wedding to celebrate the happy couple, not specifically to dance. Weddings are a time for chatting, drinking and socialising, so pulling people away from chats and to the dancefloor can be tough! The way to get people dancing is to specifically work with the bride to ensure she is on the dancefloor as much as possible. People will want her to be happy and dance with her so will automatically gravitate towards the dancefloor. A dancing bride will mean dancing guests, so ensure she’s loving the music all night.

Sometimes though, an audience can be tough to crack. However, don’t get disheartened just yet! Keep an eye on how they are moving – are they jiggling their feet, or tapping their fingers on the table? Some people just don’t like to dance, but if you spot them still feeling the music and having a little dance in their seat, then you’ve still cracked them. Keep connecting with the audience, and eventually, you’ll get more and more requests meaning naturally people will come to dance. Requests are a great way to connect with the audience even if the dance floor isn’t full. Perhaps our most successful “trick of the trade” is to play a slow song. People will generally dance to a slow song, even if they don’t dance to the faster tracks. You can then refill the floor over slow songs, then start to play faster songs again.

Crowd-Pleasing Songs

Crowd pleasers usually depend on the audience and their age. Usually, and me included, a DJ will have a selection of “trigger” tunes that will get people up and dancing. Our go-to tracks are Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars, and Mr Brightside – The Killers. These are great dancing and singalong feel-good tracks. For older audiences, go for a family favourite like Dancing Queen – Abba. Ultimately it is always down to the art of reading a crowd…

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Staying Calm Under Pressure

The key to staying calm, in our minds, is to be prepared. For public speaking especially, rehearsing what you have to say can reduce the number of slip-ups. Treat every wedding like your first, and have the same level of dedication and passion for every single one. Not becoming complacent or over-confidence is key to making sure a wedding is perfect every time, no matter how many you may have done. Everything at a wedding needs to be perfect every time, there are no second chances. Even after 30+ years in the business, we still get nervous about making sure everything is perfect!

Confidence in Your Public Speaking

It might sound tough, but the key to confidence is not to worry. If you worry too much, you might slip up. However, at weddings, this is easier said than done as emotions tend to run high. Rather than focusing on what you are doing or saying, focus on enjoying the moment – you only get it once!

Feedback & It’s Importance

Getting positive feedback and enabling people to have the wedding day they have always dreamed of is why we do what we do. Feedback, reviews and critique are essential to any small business and it is no different for a DJ. Our reviews are often the reason why many people book us, as positive word of mouth has led them to us. The feedback we receive is how we keep moving forward, improving and growing our business.

If you’d like to book us for your dream day, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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