Every party should be different!

Every party should be different!

Many DJ’s will probably disagree with me on the following article. Over the years I have discussed and sometimes argued that as entertainers we don’t always know best.

Often a DJ will play the same tracks in the same order at every single wedding because they work. Yes, there are always the tunes that naturally follow each other. How many times have you heard Bryan Adams – Summer Of ‘69 followed by Bon Jovi – Living On A Prayer? Do we really know what our guests want by just looking at them? A good DJ will be able to make an educated guess by their age. For example, when faced with a group of 60 – 70 year olds it is unlikely that they will want tracks by Drake. Abba will be more likely to fill the floor. 


The key to a successful party is to listen to your clients & mix things up. People do not go to weddings to dance. Primarily they are there to celebrate a very special day with the happy couple. As an entertainer we expect them to walk onto a piece of wood (or plastic) some few metres in width, often in bright sunlight, without the help of copious quantities of alcohol at 8pm in the evening and then stay there for 4 hours solid.








A wedding dancefloor will have an ebb and flow meaning that it will be very busy at times and also a little slower in places. It is a journey, culminating in the final couple of hours of the evening when the guys have finally had enough to drink and moved away from the bar. The time when the hands in the air anthems are played and everyone is going bananas to ‘Mr Brightside’ or similar.


I prefer to work with couples individually designing a night for them, using as many or as few of their requests as they like. But, also taking into account their guests tastes. It’s a fine line and certainly keeps me on my toes. The strangest of tracks can often be played by staging a particular request. Dedications for loved ones and close friends are also so so important. Weddings are all about memories and emotions and a special song played for grandparents who have been married for 60+ years will always create a wonderful moment to cherish. Sometimes the most random request will see a floor being filled to capacity in literally seconds. As a result of a certain piece of information being exchanged with a couple beforehand. Often a dedication has a special meaning or history behind it and this adds to the fun element. For example, a dance routine created by a couple at University that results in every close friend trying to recreate times gone by on their wedding day.

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This is why I like to get to know my couples so that every single party is different. I still hear so many people say “We booked a DJ, they didn’t play anything we wanted and nobody was dancing”. DJ’s are not magicians and cannot read a crowd despite what some will tell you. We can only guess/predict and also react to what is happening in front of us. There is no magical answer a wand cannot be waved and sometimes an audience may take a little while to start partying. However, meeting couples and spending time getting to know them really does make a huge difference to any celebration

Whatever you choose to do is entirely up to you. However, if your DJ doesn’t want to spend time talking to you… are they the right one for you?

I’d love to be the difference between you having a typical party and an outstanding celebration.

It would be great to chat!

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